One popular myth is that the standard train gauge was based on the width of the Roman chariot. This is untrue, especially as the Romans didn't use chariots to transport goods and supplies. The standard train gauge of 4 feet 8.5 inches (1,435 millimeters) was chosen by British inventor George Stephenson, who designed the first railway system.
  • Railway Bogie RTHZ24 Bogie Wagon Bogie Wheelset Bogie For Wagon . Description of Railway Wagon Bogie RTHZ24: This kind of bogie is available to be used on the railway gauge of 1000mm. It is applied for new-making and servicing wagons. The axle load is 20t and the operating speed (Max) is 80km/h.

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    Two bogies of a Lahore bound goods train derailed near Pathan Goth Unit no 7 Latifabad early in the morning causing suspension of railway traffic on down track. Railway traffic resumed after six hours suspension

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    Apr 27, 2016 · Now in one archive I have the entire bogie (which has primary and secondary suspension setup) and the wheels. They all are covinietly prefixed with a "ut0_" tag, so I can use the reemplace fuction on notepad and instaly dupe bogies for the same vehicle. So If I did a vehicle with 4 bogies for some reason, I only need to do one, then dupe it.

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    As a result, bogies for recent commuter trains mostly use the bolsterless suspension system. As far as possible, straight side beams are used for the bogie frame and seamless pipes are used for the cross beams. Also, conical, laminated rubber, or roll rubber suspension systems are used for the axle box and also serve as axle springs.

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